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Virtual Business Cards

"Crafting captivating digital experiences that elavate your brand"

Revolutionize Your Networking with Virtual Business Cards

In today's digital age, make a lasting impression with a virtual business card. Say goodbye to paper waste and hello to a seamless, eco-friendly way of sharing your professional information.

What is a Virtual Business Card?

A virtual business card is a digital version of a traditional business card. Easily share your contact details, social media profiles, and more with just a tap or a scan. It's convenient, customizable, and always up-to-date.

Key Features

Easy Sharing

Share your virtual card via email, text, QR code, or NFC tap. Perfect for networking events, meetings, and social gatherings.

Customizable Design

Create a card that represents your brand. Choose from a variety of templates, colors, and fonts to make your card uniquely yours.

Always Up-to-Date

Update your information anytime. Changes are instantly reflected, ensuring your contacts always have your latest details.

Contact Management:

Store and organize contacts efficiently. Export your contact list to your preferred CRM or contact management tool.


Track who views your card and when. Gain insights into your networking effectiveness with our analytics dashboard.

How It Works

Create Your Profile

Sign up and fill in your details. Include your name, job title, company, phone number, email, and social media links.

Customize Your Card

Choose a design that fits your style. Add a profile picture, logo, and background image to personalize your card.

Share Instantly

Share your card via QR code, email, text, or NFC. Recipients can save your contact info directly to their phone with a single tap.

Manage Your Contacts

Keep track of everyone you meet. Organize contacts, add notes, and sync with your CRM.

Our Customers say

"I love this virtual business card service! It's incredibly easy to create and share my business card. The customizable designs helped me stand out, and the eco-friendly aspect is a huge plus!"

Mr. Nabeel Manage RFID Pakistan

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we're committed to transforming the way professionals connect. Our mission is to provide an innovative, eco-friendly, and efficient solution for modern networking needs.

Frequently ask Question

Affordable price and dedicated speed for your Virtual Business Card 

- Creating a virtual business card with VirtualCardHub is simple:

1. Sign Up: Create an account on our website or mobile app.
2. Fill In Your Details: Enter your name, job title, company, phone number, email, social media links, and any other relevant information.
3. Customize Your Card: Choose from a variety of templates, colors, and fonts. Add a profile picture, logo, and background image to make your card unique.
4. Save and Share: Save your card and start sharing it via QR code, email, text, or NFC.

- Sharing your virtual business card is easy and versatile. You can:

- QR Code: Display your unique QR code for others to scan.
- Email: Send your card directly through email.
- Text Message: Share your card via SMS.
- NFC Tap: If your phone supports NFC, simply tap it against another NFC-enabled device to share your card instantly.

Recipients can view your card and save your contact information directly to their device with just a few taps.

- Yes, your information is secure. We use industry-standard encryption to protect your data. Only the information you choose to share is visible to others, and you have control over what details are included on your card. Additionally, you can update or remove your information at any time to ensure your privacy and security.

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