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Reseller Hosting

Choose the plan that’s right for your team!

Reseller PLAN-A


✔ Disk Space (20 GB)
✔ Monthly Bandwidth (Unlimited)
✔ cPanel Accounts (10)
✔ MySQL Database (Unlimited)
✔ cPanel/WHM
✔ Email Accounts (Unlimited)
✔ FTP (Unlimited)
✔ Instant Activation
✔ Ddos Protection
✔ Extra tools & Freebies

3.5x Faster performance

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Powerful data centre easy installation

This web hosting package suits the needs of small businesses with slightly larger web storage requirements. It offers significant data storage for e-mails and web-site. With every web hosting plan you purchase from TechIT Systems, you have the option to choose either Linux or Windows based hosting at the same low price! Every hosting plan also comes with a Free Domain Name and Free Setup!

Improved cPanel

cPanel hosting offers enhanced features and functionalities for easier website management and control, which makes it easy to manage all of your websites.

Secure Emails

Secure emails in cPanel hosting can be achieved through protocols like SSL/TLS, encryption, and spam filters to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of email communication.

Multi-Server Management

Multi-Server Management in cPanel hosting allows users to efficiently manage multiple servers from a single interface, simplifying administration tasks and improving overall server management.

Spam Protection

Spam protection in cPanel hosting involves implementing measures such as email filtering, spam detection algorithms, and blacklisting to prevent unwanted and unsolicited emails from reaching the users' inbox.

Data Privacy

cPanel hosting can provide data privacy through robust security measures, including encryption, firewall protection, and regular updates to mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

Site Backups

In cPanel hosting, site backups can be created and stored for easy restoration in case of data loss or website issues.

Frequently ask Question

Affordable price and dedicated speed for your next website

Reseller hosting is a web hosting service where individuals or businesses purchase hosting resources from a provider and then resell them to their own clients, acting as a middleman between the original hosting provider and the end-users, typically offering branded hosting packages and support.

Reseller hosting can be worth it for individuals or businesses looking to start their own hosting business or manage multiple websites, as it allows them to sell hosting services under their own brand and potentially generate additional revenue. However, it requires careful consideration of costs, technical expertise, and customer support responsibilities.

No, email is typically not included with Reseller Hosting. Reseller Hosting focuses on providing server space for hosting websites, while email services are usually offered separately or through specialized email hosting providers.

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